Organic store – opening

Friends of healthy food have a new organic store located in the Green Citadel. The small shop with a limited range of products currently opens onto the Erhard-Hübener-Platz.
In October 2015, the organic shop will move to large premises located in the small inner courtyard of the Green Citadel. The organic shop will enrich the offering in the Hundertwasser house with a complete range of organically produced products in addition to a small selection of lunch meals. In addition to a large range of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a cheese and cake counter, the shop sells natural cosmetics, organic cleaning products, ecological wooden toys and candles.

Bolchen sweet shop

The Bolchen sweet shop opened in March of this year on the northern side of the colourful Green Citadel. The shop offers a range of handmade sweets, specialty sweets and individualised gifts. Bolchen also caters for children’s birthday workshops and events.
The fruity sweet fragrances that waft out from the little shop’s large shop window are very inviting.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm